Torrey Smith rails against fantasy football owners who 'cross the line'

The Baltimore Sun

Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith has hit his boiling point when it comes to negative reactions directed at him and other NFL players from fantasy football owners via social media.

Following the Ravens' 18-16 win over the Detroit Lions on Monday night where he was limited to four receptions for 69 yards after being targeted a dozen times, Smith wrote a series of critical comments about a segment of fantasy football players on his official Twitter account.

"I hate y'all fantasy folks who are tweeting me about your fake team," Smith wrote. "Y'all make me sick ... Ravens win that's all that matters to me. As I always say I dislike fantasy football because it takes away the real value of the game. ... it's great for the fans to interact and be their own "GM" but people take it way to serious. ... I saw someone tweet that CJ is the worst player on the league. ... those type of fantasy fans are the ones that drive me crazy."

Days later, Smith hasn't changed his stance. At least not when it comes to fantasy football fans whom he regards as going overboard in their criticism of him and players like Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson after he caught six passes for 98 yards and no touchdowns.

"Yeah, it's terrible," Smith said. "I think fantasy football is awesome for the fans. It's a way to interact and be like their own GM, in a sense. But it crosses the line when you wish players harm. Literally, I had over 1,000 Tweets before the game with everyone wishing me well for their fantasy team or people saying, 'I hope  you break your leg because if you score one point I'm going to..' C'mon.

"Then, you have people Tweeting about Calvin Johnson. I saw someone I follow that I unfollowed him instantly because he was like, 'Calvin Johnson is the worst player in the league.' C'mon. Fantasy stuff is going way too far, but it's the minority of the people. I'm not foolish enough to think it's the entire fantasy world, but it's those few that mess it up."


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