Ravens' Torrey Smith breaking through press coverage

The Baltimore Sun

Five games into the NFL season, Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith has already caught 27 passes for 556 yards. He ranks third in the NFL in receiving yards, behind New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham and Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones.

Smith is on pace for a career-high 86 receptions and 1,779 yards and has been targeted 51 times. The next closest teammate is tight end Dallas Clark with 16 receptions for 175 yards on 29 targets.

During the Ravens' 26-23 win over the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, Smith continued his fast start to the season with six receptions for 121 yards. Despite press coverage techniques and double-team attention used against him, Smith has excelled.

Smith's emergence as the Ravens' top receiver was profiled by The Baltimore Sun on Sunday prior to the Ravens' game against the Dolphins. Smith has utilized a variety of techniques to escape from jam attempts at the line, using his hands and feet adeptly to break free from coverage.

"Yes, he gets a lot of double coverage," Ravens coach John Harbaugh said about Smith. "He gets a lot of press. He gets a guy pressed and then a guy on top of him, what we call ‘choke’ coverage. And he’s done a good job handling all of those things.

"He gets off the line of scrimmage against press better than people think. They think they can keep him on the line of scrimmage, but he does a better job releasing than people expect.”



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