Terrence Cody on not starting: 'We're winning, and I'm doing my part'

The Baltimore Sun

It's been a major adjustment time for massive Ravens nose guard Terrence Cody, and not in the way he wanted.

Beaten out for the starting job by veteran Ma'ake Kemoeatu during the preseason while dealing with a slight hip injury, Cody is now a reserve after starting every game last season.

This year, the former Alabama standout's playing time has been drastically reduced while working in behind Kemoeatu.

Cody has played 79 snaps on defense, roughly one entire game added together. And he has five tackles, one more than Kemoeatu who has played 132 snaps.

"The playing time is very close," Cody said. "I'm staying patient. It really isn't a big issue who starts because the playing time is similar. It's a long season and anything can happen. Me being a pro, I have to be ready to step in when my number is called. We're winning, and I'm doing my part."

Kemoeatu is a former Carolina Panthers and Washington Redskins starter who was out of football last year while dealing with injuries and ballooning up to more than 400 pounds, but is in good shape now and has revived his career.

Cody and Kemoeatu's playing time was reduced against the New England Patriots because of how often Tom Brady throws the football with Baltimore reacting with a nickel package. Cody was down to 11 snaps.

Cody acknowledged some fundamental issues and the hip injury played a role in his reduction in status.

"Toward the end of camp, I had a few technique issues," Cody said. "That was pretty much it. I'm still nrsing the hip. I'm working extra after practice on my technique. Like I said, it's a long season."


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