Suggs to get reps on offense?

The Ravens have not been shy about tinkering with their goal-line formations.

In Sunday’s 37-7 thrashing of the St. Louis Rams, defensive tackle Haloti Ngata lined up as an eligible offensive tackle when the offense faced third down-and-2 at the Rams’ 3-yard line. Ngata flared out to the left corner of the end zone, but quarterback Joe Flacco opted for fullback Vonta Leach, who ran an underneath route but couldn’t pull in the pass.

So perhaps there shouldn’t be any surprise that outside linebacker Terrell Suggs revealed Wednesday that he is also getting some reps on the offensive side of the ball.

“I am a defensive football player, so I only understand defense,” Suggs said. “What I do know is that [offensive coordinator] Cam [Cameron] is working me in on offense, getting some fullback – a little something to just try to get the ball in my hands. Like King James [the nickname for Miami Heat forward LeBron James], you get the ball in my hands, good things happen – with the exception of the [NBA] Finals. It’s cool. We’re working on something.”

During his weekly briefing Thursday, Cameron confirmed that there is what is being called the Suggs package.

“Was his idea,” Cameron said. “He’s not bashful. I guess he got tired of asking to be a tight end, so we’ll stick him in there at fullback.”

Cameron was then asked what Suggs has shown him in his time at fullback.

“The same thing he’s shown me running back interceptions couple years ago,” Cameron said. “… Great player."

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