Suggs pays homage to Bart Scott

Whenever Bart Scott’s name surfaces, Terrell Suggs almost always speaks affectionately about his tutelage under Scott.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that the Ravens outside linebacker paid homage to Scott, his former teammate who now plays for the New York Jets by wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with Scott’s catchphrase “Can’t Wait!”

“We all know what it means,” Suggs said, opening his weekly briefing with the media on Wednesday. “I’m personally sending a message to my brother and former mentor, that I also ‘can’t wait.’”

The purple t-shirt featured the words in big white letters with a gold chain wrapped around them. A gold padlock in the middle had Scott’s name on the bottom.

Suggs was well aware that Scott has trademarked the saying. So does he think his former teammate will sue him?

“Probably,” Suggs said with a smile. “You never know. You never know with ‘The Mad Backer,’ but this is his brand, his shirt. It’s for a good cause. We can’t wait either.”

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