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Ricky Williams not antsy over limited role

While much of the firestorm around Ravens free safety Ed Reed's comments on SiriusXM satellite radio on Monday centered on his critique of quarterback Joe Flacco, Reed also stated his belief that Ricky Williams should have gotten a few more carries in the team's 20-13 win against the Houston Texans in Sunday's AFC divisional round.

Williams, who averaged 4.7 yards (28 yards on six rushing attempts) against Houston, appreciated the sentiment, but he denied feeling any disappointment over his limited role.

"It's not really frustrating for me," Williams said after Thursday's practice. "I think any frustration is erased because I understand the situation. I play behind a Pro Bowl starting running back [Ray Rice]. So I understand. For me, it's just when I get my opportunities, I've got to make the most of them."

Williams, who has compiled 444 yards on 108 carries for a 4.1 average in his first season with the Ravens, might be able to give some insight into playing against the New England Patriots in Sunday's AFC championship game.

He averaged 3.9 yards (917 yards on 234 attempts) in 13 career games against New England with five games of at least 94 yards.

But Williams said he's not banking on an increased number of snaps on Sunday.

"This is pretty much Ray's offense, and so when Ray gets tired, I'll get a chance," he said. "I get to start a couple of drives, but it is what it is. Like I said, it's fine. I'll make the most of it. I really appreciate every snap I get, and I try to make the most of it."

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