Rice: Ravens offense vs. Steelers was "vanilla"

In the Ravens' 35-7 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday, the team piled up 385 yards of total offense, Ray Rice became only the second running back in Pittsburgh's last 51 games to rush for 100 yards, and the unit scored 35 points, which was the most the club has posted against the Steelers.

But the Ravens didn't unleash a new, unheard-of offense against Pittsburgh. In fact, Rice called the offense's strategy "vanilla."

"I'm not saying that to downplay our opponent, but we didn't do a lot of trick stuff," he said Wednesday. "It was stuff that we practiced in camp. But one thing we did was we tempo-ed. The tempo of our offense was a fast tempo -- moving guys in and out -- because we figured we had to tempo them with it being the first game of the year. They like to play base defense. The tempo was really high. I caught myself coming in and out at times. So everything else worked out really well."

Rice said he's a fan of quickening the pace to potentially catch opposing defenses off guard or in incorrect packages.

"I liked it," he said. "I like the way our offense was moving. I liked that [quarterback] Joe [Flacco] has the go-ahead to do many things, and I think the combination of me and Ricky [Williams] is going really well. I couldn't have asked for a better start. But obviously, it goes week by week, and every team is different. I'm looking forward to executing at a high level this week."

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