Ray Rice and Phil Taylor not fined for Sunday's heated altercation

The Baltimore Sun

Ravens running back Ray Rice and Cleveland Browns nose tackle Phil Taylor weren't fined by the NFL for their heated altercation Sunday, according to a league spokesman.

Taylor smacked Rice in the head, late saying he did so to retaliate against Rice for spitting on him.

There's no conclusive video evidence that Rice spit on Taylor. While replays do show Rice pucker his lips, his mouthpiece would make it difficult to spit on anyone.

Earlier this week, Ravens coach John Harbaugh said he didn't speak with Rice about the incident, in which Taylor was flagged for a personal foul.

"It was brought to my attention," Harbaugh said. "I watched it. I didn't see that on the tape."

On Sunday, Taylor was asked if Rice spit on him and replied: "Look at the film, you'll see."



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