Ray Lewis takes his motivational skills across the pond

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Ray Lewis works as a motivational speaker in his free time.

The Ravens’ fearless leader has been seen many times barking last-minute instructions and words of wisdom at his teammates before they take the field.

And this week, Lewis is in London “for a three-day minicamp with the London Warriors of the BAFA National Leagues,” according to a report by CBSsports.com.

The Warriors brought in Lewis to hype them up in anticipation of their upcoming game against their crosstown rivals, the London Blitz.

According to CBSsports.com, Lewis received a letter asking him if he would address the Warriors and take part in their minicamp.

This isn’t the first time Lewis has been hired by a team looking for a little added help. In March, the Stanford men’s basketball team brought him in before an NIT game.

The video below shows Lewis being interviewed by Sky Sports about the experience in London.




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