Ravens shift practice to Saints' training facility after concerns about turf at Tulane

The Baltimore Sun

After several concerns were raised by players about the hard condition of the artificial turf on an outdoor field at Tulane University following a Wednesday practice, the Ravens are moving practice over to the New Orleans Saints' indoor training facility.

The change is effective immediately later today.

The Ravens' players weren't happy about the turf surface and were concerned that it would cause swelling in their joints.

The Ravens are set to have a walkthrough at Tulane followed by their actual practice later today after the San Francisco 49ers are done working at the Saints' headquarters in Metairie, La.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh consulted with players before making the decision to no longer hold practices at Tulane.

"It’s the first time that I’ve ever seen a baseball diamond made of full turf," strong safety Bernard Pollard said. "So that was a little awkward, for me at least. I didn't raise an issue. Coach Harbs came to me about it and he asked me. It's just kind of different as far as playing on that turf on the baseball diamond. Tulane has been amazing, and they've bent over backwards for us. We can't change what we've been doing.

"We had a great practice, don't get me wrong. At the same time, guys with knee problems, ankle problems after practice, you don't want to have to deal with that for the rest of the week and then try to have to clear all of that out of your system to go play on Sunday."

Pollard indicated that soreness had already set in for many players.

"A lot of guys actually iced up last night, got in the cold tub and everything else," Pollard said. "Just so you don't get the swelling or the fluid in the knees from pounding on the hard turf. We are appreciative of what Tulane has done for us, but, at the same time, we have to get on surfaces that can continue to be successful all week long and help our preparation to be able to go and play full speed on Sunday."



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