Ravens offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell still has head coaching ambitions

The Baltimore Sun

Now that the interim label has been lifted from Ravens offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell, the former Indianapolis Colts coach acknowledged that he still has ambitions to become an NFL head coach again.

Caldwell was fired by the Colts after going 2-14 in 2011, when quarterback Peyton Manning missed the entire season after undergoing neck surgery.

“At some point in time, yeah, I'd love to be able to do it again,” Caldwell said. “But it may not happen. Everybody in our profession certainly is looking for an opportunity to run their own program, and I'm not different than everybody else in that regard. I'd like to do it one more time. I don't want to coach until I'm 85 like some of my mentors.”

Caldwell said he has no regrets about not getting to interview for any head-coaching vacancies during this hiring cycle.

Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome said several NFL general managers at the Senior Bowl practices this week in Mobile, Ala., approached him and said they were interested in Caldwell if the Ravens hadn't gone so deep into the playoffs, which rendered him unavailable for interviews.

“Is there any lament? No, none whatsoever,” Caldwell said. “I would certainly rather be right where I am, right now. This doesn't happen very often in your career. So, to be fortunate enough to have this opportunity, I'm thankful. The other things, they'll take care of themselves somewhere down the road.”

Caldwell indicated that the Rooney Rule, which mandates that at least one minority be interviewed for head coaching and general manager positions, needs to be looked at for potential improvements. The Fritz Pollard Alliance has already called for it to be reviewed.

“I do think that it's something that certainly needs to be revisited, and it's going to be revisited, so that I'm not one of the individuals that started that particular drive to do so,” Caldwell said. “There have been a lot of very intelligent men that have looked at it and said, 'Hey, let's look at this thing and talk about it in depth.' So, I think that's going to happen.”



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