John Harbaugh apparently isn't a fan of Rick Ross

The Baltimore Sun

The Ravens have spiced up training camp by blaring music during certain team drills across the outside practice fields at the Under Armour Performance Center. The team has mostly played modern and classic rock, including songs by the White Stripes and AC/DC. And Tuesday, the Ravens played "Renegade" by Styx, which the Pittsburgh Steelers play regularly at Heinz Field.

"We love that song. It's one of our favorite songs," Harbaugh said, presumably tongue-in-cheek.

Harbaugh, who said the team "got tired of the white noise, I guess," said that everybody is allowed to make suggestions. But he was not a fan of the Rick Ross song played late last week.

"Oh, you heard that? That one has been scratched from the list," Harbaugh said, drawing laughs from reporters. "I like some rap music. There are a few I like, but that's not one of them."

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