Ravens' Jeromy Miles grieving death of former teammate Thomas Howard

The Baltimore Sun

The death of former Oakland Raiders and Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Thomas Howard in a high-speed car accident Monday morning has brought sadness to several NFL locker rooms.

Ravens safety Jeromy Miles remembered Howard as a generous friend when they both played for the Bengals.

"Great guy," Miles said. "He always took care of all of the young players, took us out to dinner. Everything was always on him, never wanted you to pay. It's rough when something happens to a good guy like that."

Howard died along with a 64-year-old man driving another car on an Oakland freeway.

Howard's BMW was going 100 mph when it struck a large truck, flipped over the divider then hit a car on the other side, according to the Associated Press. Howard played eight years in the NFL, including stints with the Raiders, Bengals and briefly this season with the Atlanta Falcons before being recently cut.

"Man, for it to happen that way, so intense, to die on impact, that's how fast he was going," Miles said. "At the same time, a lot of young guys can learn from that. A lot of young guys have fast cars and go out there and take it for granted. You never know when your last day will be."



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