Billick isn't sure if he will coach in the NFL again

Former Ravens head coach Brian Billick, the man who wore the headset when the Ravens seized their only Super Bowl title back in 2000, is at the Super Bowl in Indianapolis this week as a member of the media. But on Wednesday, he fielded questions from fellow media, including a few about his coaching future in the NFL.

And based on Billick’s answers, that future looks pretty bleak right now.

"It’s a general manager’s game. I’m not what they’re looking for," Billick said, according to ESPN’s Jamison Hensley, my former colleague here at The Baltimore Sun. "That’s fine. They want a head coach today that doesn’t have to worry about personnel, the cap or even the media. We’ll lock you in a room and you come out with a genius game plan. They’re looking for X's and O's guys. That’s the world we live in right now."

Still, Billick, an analyst for FOX and NFL Network, didn’t entirely rule out a return to the professional head coaching ranks.

"It has to be the right people in the right situation that has the right vision and the right partnership that I had in Baltimore," Billick told reporters. "But that’s a narrow bandwidth."

It’s interesting to note (and I learned this factoid yesterday) that no Super Bowl-winning coach has gone on to win another Super Bowl as a head coach for another team. That’s not to say Billick, a bright guy who had a good handle on the many big personalities in the Ravens locker room, can’t do it. It just hasn’t been done before.

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