Ravens' Eugene Monroe criticizes commissioner Roger Goodell's stance on medical marijuana

Eugene Monroe: Players "better stand up" to get NFL's stance on medical marijuana addressed.

Ravens left tackle Eugene Monroe called for the NFL to research the possible benefits of medical marijuana last week in an article on cnn.com. He took things even further Tuesday morning on his Twitter account, criticizing NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and calling for his fellow players to “stand up.”

“It's a shame that Roger Goodell would tell our fans there's no medical vs recreational distinction,” Monroe wrote. “… If I’m a fan, I’m pissed at the time I wasted listening to Goodell lie to me at the Super Bowl. As a player, I sure am.”

Monroe also wrote, “Do you really care about players health?”

Monroe's commentary comes a day after NFL senior vice president of health and safety Jeff Miller acknowledged to a Congressional panel that there is a link between football-related brain injuries and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE).

Monroe, the 28-year-old who has had his share of injuries the past two years for the Ravens, told CNN last week that players are using marijuana, which is on the league’s list of banned substances, to combat the aches and pains that come with being a football player.

His primary point has been that the NFL should research how marijuana could curb brain injuries.

“I'm not here advocating smoking weed for recreational purposes. However, smoking weed just may protect your brain,” Monroe wrote this morning. “Get over the 'stigma' we all know marijuana is not dangerous in any means. Even our government recognizes marijuana has medical benefits.”

Monroe also wrote that “if you’re a player and you see this, you better stand up. It’s about damn time.

“Now that people aren't AFRAID to speak out, we know our top performing athletes openly admit their use and marijuana’s benefits. Junior Seau and many others - yes, it can be us too. Please. Let's stop this from happening.”

When asked last week to respond to Monroe’s comments to CNN, a Ravens team spokesman said, “Those are Eugene’s thoughts.”

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