Rams' short week could be an advantage for Ravens

Time could be on the Ravens’ side when they visit the St. Louis Rams on Sunday.

Having dropped a 28-16 decision to the New York Giants on Monday night, the Rams have had one fewer day to prepare for the game than the Ravens. Quarterback Joe Flacco said a full week of practice, meetings and film study should benefit the Ravens.

“It is nice to get them on a short week,” Flacco said. “Anytime you get a team on a short week, I think it definitely is a little bit of an advantage in the NFL, when you can get beat up week to week. We’ll take that when we can get it.”

Outside linebacker Jarret Johnson agreed, adding that second-year quarterback Sam Bradford and the rest of the St. Louis offense have one fewer day to study the Ravens' defense.

“It can be difficult, especially coming off a road Monday night game,” Johnson said. “I’m sure they got home real late at night. It can be tough for them, but they’re going to be home. Playing on Monday and then coming back on a quick week definitely presents a challenge, especially against a complicated defense and what we throw at him. He’s going to have a lot of stuff to study in a short amount of time. It could be an advantage.”

Bradford, speaking on a conference call with Baltimore media Wednesday night, said playing Monday night forced the Rams to abandon their routine.

“I think our hours are going to be a little different,” Bradford said. “I think during the year, at least last year, I got so into my schedule and I knew exactly what I needed to do and when I needed to do it, that you kind of get into that routine. Whereas this week, I think some of the hours are going to be different – some early mornings, later nights, trying to make sure that you get everything watched that you need to get watched and study everything you need to study. Considering we didn’t have Monday afternoon to watch, and then Tuesday still dealing with game film from New York, so I think [we] just need to put in a little more time this week.”

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