UPDATED: Rams coach accepts NFL's slap on wrist of Giants

St. Louis Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo said he has accepted the NFL’s decision to send a memo to all 32 teams warning of sanctions if the league can prove that players faked injuries during games.

The memo – a copy of which was obtained by The Associated Press Wednesday – reminded the team that coaches are supposed to discourage the practice and warned that fines, suspensions and loss of draft picks could be assessed.

The memo came two days after it appeared that at least two New York Giants players faked injuries against the Rams during Monday night’s game to halt the offense’s no-huddle approach.

During a conference call with Baltimore media Wednesday, Spagnuolo said he had no objections to the NFL’s inaction.

“I accept that,” he said. “The league has decided to go that route. I’m OK with that. Football’s football. We just go out and play the game, and however the game goes, however it flows, we’ll deal with it. So we’re not really looking back at that. We’ll just accept whatever the league decides.”

UPDATE: Rams quarterback Sam Bradford, who said after the game against the Giants that he heard a defensive player tell another to stall the offense, expressed a wish for the officials to be able to crack down on that tactic in the future.

“I understand,” he said. “It’s tough. It puts the official in a tough spot, forcing them to make a judgment call on whether someone’s hurt or whether they’re not. Obviously, on Monday, I was frustrated because when I heard someone on their defense telling someone just to go down to stop the pace of our offense, that was frustrating. But I understand that there’s really not much the league or officials can do. But I would like to see – in the future – maybe fines or other penalties handed out if it does come out that someone truly faked an injury just to stop the tempo of an offense.”


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