Rams' Bradford impresses Ravens

Sam Bradford may only be in his second year as a professional, but the St. Louis Rams quarterback has caught the attention of several members of the Ravens defense, who have the task of spoiling Bradford’s party Sunday.

“I tell you what, I like the things that he does as a young kid,” 12-time Pro Bowl inside linebacker Ray Lewis said. “He’s very athletic. He’s more athletic than people think he is. He can really run around with the ball. But he’s very accurate with his ball and where he wants to place the ball. Once again, he understands the [Cover] 3, the 4, the 1 concept as well. When you watch his progression, you see that he really understands the game, which is a great upside for him.”

Added seven-time Pro Bowl free safety Ed Reed: “He looks like a veteran quarterback. If you give him some time, he shows his potential. He throws the ball around. He’ll definitely be somebody to reckon with in the next couple of years. Shoot, even now.”

His career is still in its infancy, but Bradford appears to have validated the Rams’ decision to invest the top overall pick of 2010 on the former University of Oklahoma standout.

Bradford set NFL rookie passing records in completions (354) and attempts (590) last season en route to being named the league’s Offensive Rookie of the Year.

At 6-foot-4 and 228 pounds, Bradford has the strength to launch pass downfield and the athleticism to evade the pass rush. But Ravens defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano said he’s more impressed with Bradford’s mental aptitude.

“He’s got to be a bright guy,” Pagano said. “Everyone has talked about [how this is his] third offense in three years. He ran the spread offense in college. He learned the West Coast [offense] from [former Rams offensive coordinator Pat] Shurmur a year ago. And now, he’s in the New England system with [Rams offensive coordinator Josh] McDaniels. So we know he’s a bright guy. We know he’s a big, physical, talented guy. We know he can throw it. He can make all the throws. He’s got a big arm and he’s athletic. So if we do come after him, we have to be smart and play with our lane integrity and our blitz patterns because once he gets out of the pocket, he can run.”

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