Pro Bowl return specialist Jacoby Jones says, 'I've got that bulls-eye on my chest'

The Baltimore Sun

Emerging as a Pro Bowl return specialist during a breakthrough first season in Baltimore, Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones has become a marked man.

Since running back two kickoffs and one punt for touchdowns during the regular season, Jones has faced a lot of directional kicking from opponents.

"Oh yeah, I got that bulls-eye on my chest," Jones said. "That's what happens."

Jones' last return for a score was a 63-yard punt against the Pittsburgh Steelers in a 13-10 win on Dec. 2 at Heinz Field for the Ravens' lone touchdown.

Jones did have a 37-yard kickoff return and a 34-yard punt return during a 24-9 AFC divisional-round playoff victory over the Indianapolis Colts that advanced the Ravens to the AFC divisional round where they'll have a rematch Saturday against the top-seeded Denver Broncos.

"It's a field-position game," Jones said. "We got to play our game and hope we hit a crease. I always try to break one. At this point of year, everybody is going to run down hard and try to make a tackle and make a play.

"In this kind of game, I will take the good field position anytime and get a good drive started for the offense. If one pops, it pops. It can happen when you least expect it."

Jones said he tries to keep kickers and punters from getting a bead on his position on the field by packing back and forth to throw them off his trail.

"That's my little thing that I do," Jones said. "It helps me get in a rhythm by moving back and forth. I don't want them to know where I'm gong to be. I like to get the crowd into it. That's like my mojo."


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