Preston: Randy Moss wouldn't be bad for a year or two

There is speculation the Ravens have interest in receiver Randy Moss, and I have no problems with the team trying to pursue him as long as they don't mortgage away the future. I can't see the Ravens doing that because that's not general manager Ozzie Newsome's style. Even though Moss has been away from the game for a short time, he's still probably one of the fastest receivers in the league, and all opposing defenses have to respect speed. At the right price, I wouldn't mind seeing him line up opposite Torrey Smith with Anquan Boldin in the slot.  The Ravens had similar plans for Lee Evans last year, but he spent most of 2011 on the sideline with a high ankle sprain.

Could the Ravens absorb Moss's personality?

Of course, they could. I think that has been overrated. According to at least one reporter who covered those New England teams which Moss played on, his teammates seemed to love him and he wasn't a disruptive force.  He was standoffish with the media, but who cares? A lot of players and coaches don't like the media.

Moss is at the point where he wants a ring, and he could be a nice fit in Baltimore for a year, maybe two. I suspect, though, that Newsome might be hearing noise from two former University of Miami players, Ray Lewis and Ed Reed, about the Ravens signing Indianapolis receiver Reggie Wayne, also a former Hurricane.

These Miami guys like to push for other Hurricanes, and Wayne might be the carrot that brings Reed back for another season instead of retiring. Wayne, would cost more than Moss, and he could be in the picture in New Enlgnad. The Patriots need an outside receiver to replace Chad Ochocinco and Wayne, who has played with Peyton Manning, would love being able to play with Tom Brady.


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