Pagano takes blame for recent downturn in sacks

As with turnovers, sacks have become a rare commodity for the Ravens defense recently.

After collecting 25 sacks in the first seven contests this season, the unit has recorded just two sacks in the last two games.

The Ravens are still tied for third in the NFL in sacks, but defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano conceded that the responsibility for raising those numbers falls on him.

“I’ve got to send them more,” Pagano said during his weekly briefing Thursday. “I’ve got to call more. That’s not on them. That falls on my shoulders. I’ve got to be more aggressive and get after them. [Opponents are] keeping more guys in to protect, they’re running the ball a little bit more. So we’ve got to do a great job on first and second down and get them into throwing situations, and no matter what the situation is, if they want to keep six or if they want to keep seven in, we’ve got to design and I’ve got to do a better job of putting our guys in position to get after the quarterback.”

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