NFL uniform changes equal a swoosh and a yawn

The Baltimore Sun

After nearly an hour of buildup Tuesday morning, the NFL and Nike -- the apparel company which has replaced Reebok as the league’s official apparel supplier -- revealed new uniforms for each of the 32 NFL teams at an event in New York City. Seconds later, those images were transmitted out into the blogosphere.

So what changes were eager, fashion-forward Ravens fans treated to? A swoosh and a collective yawn.

As expected, there were no major changes made to the team’s new Nike uniforms. The most notable aesthetic change is that the company’s signature “swoosh” logo is now on the shoulder of the jersey and the pants instead of the Reebok logo. There are other subtle changes -- like a new collar on the jersey and “aircraft-grade aluminum” used on the new belts -- but nothing significant like what the Seattle Seahawks did.

The Seahawks were the only NFL team to totally overhaul their uniforms, altering their color scheme and going with a bold “new age” look. You can check them out here if you haven’t seen them already.

In terms of the quality and feel of the uniforms, Nike claims that their new uniforms are lighter, cooler and give players more mobility then the preceding uniforms made by their competitor (of course they claim that). But based on the reports from players and media on Twitter and comments made by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell at Tuesday’s unveiling, it sounds as if those changes are a hit with the players.

"I love them," Goodell said, "The players love them."

We’ll find out this fall if Ravens fans who shelled out a decent chunk of change for a new Nike jersey feel more aerodynamic at their tailgates. In the meantime, what are your thoughts on the aesthetic changes?

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