NFL Network analyst not a fan of Joe Flacco's post-game comments

Former NFL fullback Heath Evans played with Tom Brady for four years as members of the New England Patriots and with Drew Brees for two more as employees of the New Orleans Saints. So he has a unique perspective on playing alongside two of the elite quarterbacks in the NFL.

Evans never played with Joe Flacco, but the current NFL Network analyst had some choice words for the way the Ravens quarterback carried himself during his post-game conference after the team’s 44-13 dismantling of the Cincinnati Bengals.

While answering a question Wednesday about the Ravens’ history of faltering in games following emotionally-stirring victories, Evans took aim at Flacco, saying, “[T]he bottom line is this offensive side of the ball has been poorly led by Joe Flacco after big wins. What really scares me is he comes out and runs his mouth after the [Monday night] game about how, ‘I always play good. You should just watch the tape. I do this, I’m this, I’m that.’ Well, don’t tell people what you do. He had played the best game of his career in my opinion and then comes out and tells us about it. Don’t do that. Let us praise you, and don’t appear insecure because you’re always having to pat yourself on the back.”

Evans was referring to Flacco’s reply to a question after the win against the Bengals about whether this was his year. A portion of his response included this: “I think I play good every year. I think I play good every game. Obviously, we all have things to work on and improve on. I’m doing that just as much as everyone else is.”

In fairness to Evans, he did compliment Flacco, saying that quarterbacks like Flacco, Brees and Brady can take advantage of opponents that commit too many turnovers the way the Philadelphia Eagles did in Sunday’s 17-16 win against the Cleveland Browns.

Maybe Flacco can change Evans’ opinion Sunday against the Eagles.

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