Terrell Suggs playing on Sunday just doesn't make sense

The Baltimore Sun

All of this talk about Pro Bowl outside linebacker Terrell Suggs playing Sunday against the Houston Texans is pretty funny.

But, let’s just use some common sense here. If the Ravens somehow lose their minds and put Suggs on the field, do you think it will be for more than five plays? Do you think he would have a significant impact?

Now, ask this question: Why would the team put Suggs on the roster Sunday when the Ravens have a bye week coming up? It makes no sense. Suggs might have returned to practice Wednesday, but the Ravens will be very cautious when it comes to putting him on the field.

When it’s time, Suggs will be used in spot duty, maybe 10 plays in one game and then 15 in another and the Ravens will use a gradual buildup. As for down the road, we won’t see the Suggs we’re accustomed to seeing until next season when he gets ample rest, more rehab and can train and get into the weight room again.

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