Mike Preston looks at what's next for the Ravens

THE TAKE: Second round pick Kelechi Osemele on what he brings to the table for the Ravens: "I feel like I bring a lot of competitiveness, and I feel like I bring a lot of physicality and aggression to the table. I just want to get in there and compete from Day One and try to fit where I may. You know, let the cards fall where they may and try to make the team better."
REMAINING PICKS: 4th-98; 4th-130, 5th-169; 6th, 198, 7th-236.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: The Ravens still want to find a defensive lineman or two, and a kick and punt returner. The Ravens believe they will get a lot of calls for one of their fourth round picks Saturday, and that might allow them to pick up a center since only one has been drafted. The Ravens also want to find a receiver, a big, fast target on the outside. The receiver they choose might be a player who also returns kicks.


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