Matt Vensel, reporter

Super Bowl champion: Packers AFC champion: Broncos NFC champion: Packers AFC divisional winners: Broncos, Patriots NFC divisional winners: Packers, Seahawks AFC East champion: Patriots AFC North champion: Ravens AFC South champion: Colts AFC West champion: Broncos AFC wild cards: Bengals, Steelers NFC East champion: Giants NFC North champion: Packers NFC South champion: Falcons NFC West champion: Seahawks NFC wild cards: 49ers, Saints MVP: Tom Brady, Patriots Offensive Player of the Year: Drew Brees, Saints Defensive Player of the Year: Richard Sherman, Seahawks Offensive Rookie of the Year: Giovani Bernard, Bengals Defensive Rookie of the Year: Dion Jordan, Dolphins Coach of the Year: Sean Payton, Saints
Thearon W. Henderson, Getty Images
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