No room for Mason's big mouth in NYC

Jets wide receiver Derrick Mason's short stay in New York basically ended Sunday when he was replaced by rookie Jeremy Kerely, who hauled in several passes in New York's loss to New England. Not only was Kerely more impressive and younger than Mason, but his emergence showed that the Jets didn't have to put up with Mason's mouth any longer.

Jets head coach Rex Ryan says he doesn't put a muzzle on players, but a Jets player can't have a bigger mouth than Ryan, not in the Big Apple. In the past two weeks, there have been numerous reports out of New York about Mason complaining to Ryan about offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer's less-than-exciting offense.

In Baltimore and Tennessee, where Mason had played before, we were used to the criticism from Mason. Ryan has a reputation for listening to his players, but it's only going to go so far. He'll eventually either punch you, cut you or trade you. Mason played very little except for the closing minutes against the Patriots. It was so obvious that the broadcasters repeatedly talked about his absence.

And with each Kerely catch, Mason's career as a Jet kept getting more and more dirt thrown on it. Mason can still play, but he'll never be quiet. It's his nature. And Ryan made a smart move by trading Mason to the team the Ravens play this Sunday.

But the Mason-Ryan marriage was doomed from the start.

There is room for only one loud mouth in each family.


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