Lardarius Webb says quarterbacks aren't avoiding him yet

The Baltimore Sun

Signed to a $50 million contract extension during the offseason after intercepting a total of eight passes last season, Ravens cornerback Lardarius Webb says he still isn't being avoided by quarterbacks.

Although Webb isn't targeted nearly as often as starting cornerback Cary Williams, who was picked on by New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady during the Ravens' 31-30 win Sunday night, he's still not granted the status of a feared cornerback.

Not that he minds, though. Webb likes the action.

"They don't respect me yet," Webb said. "I don't want that. Then, you get no stats. They still coming. They completed a lot of balls on me, quite a few."

Webb attributed the Ravens' struggles defensively to their competition as Brady completed 28 of 41 passes for 335 yards, one touchdown and no interception.

Webb often lined up against wide receiver Wes Welker, who caught eight passes for 142 yards as he averaged 17.8 yards per reception.

"He's Tom Brady," Webb said. "He was throwing great balls. All that matters is the win. We will see them again."

Webb has no interceptions yet this season, but has been a force in run support with 16 tackles and is regarded as one of the top tacklers on the defense. He has two pass deflections, one forced fumble and one fumble recovery.

Webb defended Williams' play, too.

"I think Cary is playing great," Webb said. "Tom Brady threw some great balls. You got to be tough and keep fighting. Eventually, Cary will come out of that. I'm not even going to call it a slump. I call it going against a Pro Bowl quarterback, the best in the NFL."

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