Joe Flacco to appear in national McDonald's commercial

The Baltimore Sun

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is no longer just a famous McDonald's customer.

Months after stopping at a McDonald's drive-thru window in Aberdeen for his first meal after signing a $120.6 million contract with the Ravens, Flacco is about to star in a national commercial for the fast-food giant, according to his agent, Joe Linta.

The commercial, which involves a long-term contract with Flacco, will begin airing later this month.

Flacco doesn't do many commercials and closely guards his downtime with his family, but he was able to fit the commercial shoot in when he went to Los Angeles to appear in a promotional advertisement for Fox Sports.

"I had the opportunity to do something over the offseason, so I did a little something with McDonald's," Flacco said. "I don't know what else there is."

Flacco was asked if it was more natural to do a commercial with McDonald's since he ate there after signing his contract.

"Exactly," Flacco said. "Maybe I should do that more times with more companies."

Flacco has also done endorsements for Reebok and locally with Al Packer Ford, 1st Mariner Bank, Pizza Hut and other companies.

Since winning the Super Bowl in February, Flacco has appeared on The Late Show With David Letterman, visited Disney World and attended New York Fashion Week with his wife, Dana.

Flacco said he's doing the commercial with a celebrity, but didn't disclosed whom since there's an upcoming  media campaign

"Am I allowed to say who it is?" Flacco said. "You guys are just going to have to wait to figure it out."

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