Instant analysis: Ravens beat hapless Colts, 24-10

Kevin Cowherd, columnist: The Colts were every bit as bad as advertised. Terrell Suggs was in the Indy backfield so much he earned squatter's rights. But the Ravens did what they had to do. They disposed of a bad team and now set their sights on what should b a much tougher game Sunday night against the San Diego Chargers.

Kevin Van Valkenburg, staff writer: I could lie and tell you I was really impressed by this Ravens victory, but to be honest, it was a little boring. The Ravens were good, not great, and the Colts looked bad, but historically bad. Joe Flacco played one of his best games of the season as far as accuracy, and Terrell Suggs continues to look like the best defender in the game. I'm already eager to see how Baltimore fares against a Chargers team that suddenly looks like it has some life left.

Ron Fritz, head of sports: This have been a nice two-game break for the Ravens (Browns, Colts) before a West Coast trip to face the Chargers. It was good to see the Ravens take the game seriously and not give the Colts any hope today.

Chris Korman, Ravens editor: It's hard to pick on the Ravens after they so thoroughly out-classed the Colts early and then meandered through the minutes that remained. There are facets of the game in which they were a bit lacking, and surely those things will be talked about. National talking heads will note that the Ravens lacked killer instinct in the second half; local observers know this team has never really shown an ability to rise when there is no significant occassion.

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