Haloti Ngata named to USA Football's All-Fundamentals Team

The Baltimore Sun

Baltimore Ravens Pro Bowl defensive tackle Haloti Ngata has been named to the USA Football All-Fundamentals team for the fourth consecutive year.

The organization honors 26 NFL players annually, 11 on offense, 11 on defense and four on special teams, who "exhibit exemplary football techniques for youth players to emulate."

Ngata has been named to the team every year since its launch four years ago.

According to the press release, Ngata was selected because he's "a textbook example of using proper
footwork on stunts and interior movement to get off blocks and reach the ball-carrier. By keeping his eyes focused on his destination, Ngata works to keep his outside arm free and use his inside leg to step across blockers to reach his gap assignment and continue in the direction he wants to go."

Ngata had 51 tackles, five sacks and one pass deflection this season.

Ngata will receive a $1,500 equipment grant to donate to the youth or high school football program of his choice.



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