Former Ravens owner Art Modell: Moving training camp loses connections

You can count former Ravens owner Art Modell as one who opposes the Ravens moving training camp from McDaniel College in Westminster to the team's practice facility in Owings Mills.

Modell was the owner of the team when the Ravens moved from Cleveland to Baltimore for the 1996 season, and he wanted the training camp at then Western Maryland College to re-connect with fans, especially those from the old Baltimore Colts days.

The general public is not invited to attend practices because there isn't parking to fit that need. Ravens head coach John Harbaugh also wanted more control over his team instead of having to move from location to location in Westminster.

Modell feels differently.

"In some instances, I can see why they moved and they can attract more people in the urban community by moving some of the practices to various stadiums," said Modell in a phone interview. "They are trying to get more people to attend.

"But I would have done it in a different way. I was not crazy about the idea of moving training camp in the first place and was not involved in the process. When you make the move, you have to understand that you lose connections with the average fan. I hope they have a way to bring them back., If it doesn't work out, they can always move training camp back but they have to find a way to bring the game to the people instead of the people always coming to the game."

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