Joe Flacco doesn't back agent's claim that Ravens made 'dumb' move

Engulfed in a controversy that he undoubtedly wanted no part of, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco made an effort today to distance himself from recent comments made by his agent, Joe Linta.

Linta told USA Today last week that he's never in his life "seen a dumber move" than the Ravens' decision to walk away from long-term contract extension negotiations with Flacco last August. The Ravens eventually signed Flacco to a much more lucrative, six-year, $120.6 million extension just months after the quarterback led the team to a victory in Super Bowl XLVII.

In an interview with the Ravens' team web site today, Flacco downplayed the situation. 

“Obviously I don’t feel that way,” Flacco told "I think he probably got a little excited about it.”

Linta said last night that he made the comments not to bash the Ravens but to defend Flacco amid accusations that his client was greedy and responsible for the team's offseason roster purge.

“I like Joe’s fire, and I like that he’s trying to protect me in any way,” Flacco told the Ravens' website. “But in no way do I have those feelings towards the organization. I thought the whole time there was respect on both sides and there will continue to be.

“I think the good thing about the whole process was that when we were negotiating the deal, there was always respect. I had respect for them with the deal they offered, and I think they respected my decision to not take it. I think throughout the whole process, it’s been very good.”

Linta, who currently has five clients on the Ravens' roster, made it clear that he respects the organization and he has a great relationship with Vice President of Football Administration Pat Moriarty.

Flacco and his teammates are in the second of three weeks of organized team activities. This week's session is closed to the local media until Friday.

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