Evans not feeling heat to fill in for Boldin

The disappointment felt by Ravens fans after Lee Evans failed to make a catch in the Ravens’ 20-14 victory over the Cleveland Browns on Saturday was palpable. But it didn’t exceed the amount of disappointment the wide receiver had in himself.

Even five days later, Evans was still putting the onus on himself to make plays for the offense.

“I expect myself to play well,” he said. “I have high expectations for myself, and I know what that looks like. So we’re trying to get to that point.”

The expectation is that Evans would be able to fill in for the injured Anquan Boldin, the team’s leading receiver who is out until at least the playoffs after undergoing surgery to repair a slightly torn meniscus in his knee.

That hasn’t happened, but Evans said replacing Boldin takes a cooperative effort.

“Everybody has to work since Anquan’s not out there,” Evans said. “But even more important is where we’re headed as a team, the plays that have to be made down the stretch for us to accomplish the goals we set out for. That’s more important, to try to get on the same page and get it right so that we can make the plays we missed.”

Evans missed seven consecutive games earlier in the season while trying to heal a problematic left ankle. The injury is no longer a concern, but developing a chemistry with quarterback Joe Flacco is a point of emphasis.

Offensive coordinator Cam Cameron said Evans’ time off is not being cited aby anyone as a factor.

“We’re not big on excuses around here,” Cameron said. “There’s a job to get done. I think they’re on board with that. I’ve got to do a good job of putting him in positions based on coverages, matchups, those kinds of things. You just keep working at it. They were out there working on it today. There were no issues in practice. Actually, they had a great week together last week in practice. What we got to do and you’ve heard us say this before, sometimes when things aren’t working as well as we want them to work on gameday, it’s just a matter of translating all the good things that are done in practice because things are being done well in practice. Now, we just have to stay patient and we’d like to think that this game, you’ll see a difference.”

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