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Ed Dickson not dwelling on late-season mistakes

One of the biggest bright spots on offense in 2011 was the emergence of second-year tight end Ed Dickson, who in his first season as a starter had 54 catches for 528 yards and five touchdowns.

But Dickson’s production dipped in the final month of the season and he had critical drops in both of the team’s playoff games. On Monday, Dickson vowed to improve his game in all aspects.

"I'm going to look at all the games, at all my drops,” he said. “I'm my worst critic. I'm going to look at the bad plays, I'm not looking at the good plays. I don't want to see a highlight tape. I want to see my worst plays unless I'm not going to get better.”

Dickson had just six catches for 71 yards and a touchdown in his last four games.

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