David Reed won't return kicks vs. Bengals Sunday

Three fumbles in two games has cost David Reed his job as the Ravens’ primary kick returner.

Special teams coordinator Jerry Rosburg said during his weekly briefing Thursday that Reed, who fumbled two kick returns that contributed to the team’s 22-17 loss to the Seattle Seahawks Sunday, will not return kicks this Sunday when the Cincinnati Bengals visit M&T Bank Stadium.

Lardarius Webb and rookie LaQuan Williams are listed as the primary and secondary options , respectively, on kick returns, but Rosburg said the team is still in the process of naming the primary returner.

“That’s what we’re working on today,” he said before practice. “We’re going to have a good kick return practice, and we’ll find out who our kick returner is.”

Reed led the NFL in kick returns with a 29.3-yard average last year as a rookie, but has not been able to repeat that success this season. He still ranks fourth in the league with a 28.6-yard average, but his three fumbles are a league-worst.

Rosburg continued to maintain his confidence in Reed.

“I’m sure he can bounce back,” Rosburg said. “David’s a competitive athlete, and he’s looking forward to the next opportunity. Now we don’t know when that is, but I’m certain that when he does get in there again, everybody’s going to be watching him with that in mind. But David’s a competitive guy, and he understands what he has to do to get that job back. He’s got to earn the trust of everybody on this football team, that he’s going to hang onto the ball when he gets it, and he started that path yesterday.”

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