David Reed "disappointed" in himself

David Reed was admittedly disappointed when special teams coordinator Jerry Rosburg informed him on Wednesday that he would not be returning kicks in the Ravens’ game against the Cincinnati Bengals Sunday.

But Reed, who fumbled three times in the past two contests and lost two of those fumbles in Sunday’s 22-17 loss to the Seattle Seahawks, said his disappointment was directed at himself, not his coach.

“I’m disappointed in myself,” he said. “I let myself down, I let my teammates down, I let Jerry down. Hopefully, I can get another opportunity down the road, and I can run with it.”

Reed confirmed Rosburg’s original statement that Reed spent most of Wednesday’s practice fine-tuning his grip of the football with running backs coach Wilbert Montgomery.

“I kind of got away from the fundamentals, and he just brought them back to me and refreshed my memory pretty much,” Reed said of his work with Montgomery. “It’s nothing different. I just have to get back to the fundamentals.”

Reed said there is no timetable on him returning as the primary kick returner. As frustrating as that may be, however, Reed said he hasn’t lost faith in his abilities.

“I know that’s not me,” he said. “I know that wasn’t me. I don’t feel like I’ve lost too much of my confidence. I was just upset with myself. I know I can play ball. I can’t do that. I just had a brain fart or whatever happened. I’m going to move past that and get back to where I was.”

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