Doss gets nod, but no catches

To the surprise of many, Tandon Doss, not LaQuan Williams, was the rookie wide receiver active in the Ravens’ 20-14 win against the Cleveland Browns Saturday.

Doss had been inactive in the team’s previous seven contests and nine of 15 games overall, but the club’s fourth-round pick in April got the opportunity to play because of the absence of No. 1 wide receiver Anquan Boldin (knee surgery).

“It was nice to get my feet wet again,” Doss said. “It’s a whole new process trying to go out there and run crisp routes and get open. But it was fun.”

Doss was targeted just once by quarterback Joe Flacco, on third-and-10 from the Ravens’ 27-yard line in the fourth quarter. But the pass fell short as either Flacco launched ball too early or Doss didn’t break out of his comeback route early enough.

Doss conceded that he and Flacco are still getting accustomed to each other, saying, “We haven’t been able to work on our timing that much.”

It will be interesting to see whether Doss or Williams, an undrafted free agent in the spring who has caught four passes for 46 yards this season, is active in the regular-season finale against the Cincinnati Bengals on New Year’s Day. Like many of his teammates, Doss sent best wishes to Boldin.

“I wish the best for Q,” Doss said, calling Boldin by his nickname. “I hope he has a fast recovery because we need him to win games. But right now, I’m just trying to learn as much as possible and keep making plays.”

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