Jacoby Jones, Cortez Allen, Mike Tomlin

Ravens returner Jacoby Jones, left, is caught by the Steelers' Cortez Allen, second from left, as Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin, right, stands on the sideline close to the field in the third quarter. (Lloyd Fox, Baltimore Sun / November 28, 2013)

On Jacoby Jones' 73-yard kickoff return in the third quarter, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin was seen standing close to the field of play on the sideline.

As seen in SBNation's GIF below, Tomlin appeared to make Jones change direction on the play shortly before he was tackled by the Steelers' Cortez Allen.

The Ravens' Justin Tucker converted a 38-yard field goal on the ensuing drive to give the Ravens a 16-7 lead.

Did Tomlin help Allen make the tackle? You be the judge.