Dickson eager to meet former Oregon teammate

Ed Dickson said he’s looking forward to seeing former University of Oregon teammate Patrick Chung in Sunday's AFC championship game, but that doesn't mean that the Ravens tight end wants the New England Patriots safety to be the catalyst to push his team to victory.

"I like seeing guys from my university do well, but not against us," said Dickson, who spent three seasons (2006-08) with Chung playing for the Ducks. "So it's going to be nothing personal, but I'm going to go at him as if he never played on my team and after the game, hopefully, we're still friends."

After watching the 5-foot-11, 212-pound Chung shadow former Ravens tight end Todd Heap last season, Dickson said he anticipates seeing a great deal of Chung Sunday. Dickson said the matchups will remind him of their practices at Oregon.

"It depends on what the drill was," he said. "If it was oriented for the defense, they kind of had the upper hand. But I think I won most of those. He has a tendency to get a little holding in there, but if it's all within the rules, I’m not mad at him."

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