Colin Kaepernick says Joe Flacco 'throws a great deep ball'

The Baltimore Sun

It was two years ago when Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco outdueled San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick during Super Bowl XLVII and was named Most Valuable Player after delivering three touchdown passes and zero interceptions.

During the Ravens' joint practice sessions with the 49ers that wrapped up Monday, Kaepernick said he remained impressed with how Flacco throws the football.

"I like him as a quarterback," Kaepernick said. "He just sits back there and he picks people apart. Throws a great deep ball, which I’m a fan of home run balls. Just happy to see him again, it was good catching up.”

Kaepernick and Flacco got to know each other while shooting commercials for McDonald's Mighty Wings, and Kaepernick has an affinity for Flacco's laid-back personality.

“He’s always just calm, mellow, good dude,” Kaepernick said. “I’m just happy to see him again.”

Kaerpernick didn't concede when asked if Flacco could throw harder than him, though.

“I’m always going to vote for myself on that one, but I think he has the most relaxed throw that comes out hot," Kaepernick said. "He just looks effortless when’s he throwing the ball and he might drop it 70 yards.”

Flacco praised Kaepernick as well, making this something of a mutual admiration society at the Ravens' training complex.

“He is a good athlete that can stand in the pocket and throw the football really well, too,” Flacco said. “I think sometimes there are guys who are really good athletes that get pegged as that, but he’s obviously a guy that can do it all and play the game really well.”

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