Cody intends to practice Thursday

Terrence Cody said he intends to practice Thursday.

The starting nose tackle sat out Wednesday’s session while dealing with a headache stemming from a concussion he suffered in Sunday’s 26-13 loss to the Tennessee Titans, but he said the headache has almost dissipated.

“I don’t have any symptoms,” Cody said prior to Thursday’s practice. “I’m feeling good.”

Cody said he sustained the concussion while tackling Titans tight end Craig Stevens for a 1-yard catch in Tennessee’s opening series of the third quarter.

“When I made the hit on that tight end when he went airborne, I kind of had my head down, and when I hit him, I blacked out for, like, three seconds,” Cody recalled. “I couldn’t get myself together. A little dizzy.”

Cody, who said he had never dealt with a concussion before, said he plans to start Sunday against the St. Louis Rams. “I’ll be playing,” he said.

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