C.J. Mosley chats with retired Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis at open practice

The Baltimore Sun

Ravens first-round pick C.J. Mosley heard the crowd erupt during the team's open practice at M&T Bank Stadium Monday.

The noise didn't come after a play the rookie linebacker made. Mosley, who played for the first time in full pads on the field, looked over to see  people cheering for a guy who's made countless plays on the same field — retired Ravens linebacker and 13-time Pro Bowler Ray Lewis.

"I was looking to see where they were looking at, then I kind of saw him and was like, 'Oh, well. That's normal,'" Mosley said after practice.

When Mosley wasn't on the field during the team's scrimmage, he was on the sideline talking to Lewis, who will have a statue erected in his honor outside of M&T Bank Stadium before the 2014 season.  

"I had talked to him last year. It was kind of the same thing," Mosley said. "He gave me a few pointers about how to sustain myself and get ready for this type of season I'm going to go through."

Mosley, who the Ravens selected out of Alabama with the 17th overall pick in the NFL draft in May, said Lewis visited the entire Alabama team during Mosley's senior year. But as Mosley draws closer to the start of his rookie season, conversations with Lewis mean a little bit more.

"To me, he's another great player that I look up to and now since I'm here, I'm kind of in his shoes," Mosley said. "I gotta learn from him and try to do my best to keep this standard going."



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