Caldwell settling in with Ravens quarterbacks

Jim Caldwell is adjusting to his new job as the Ravens quarterbacks coach. After 10 years with the Indianapolis Colts, the last three as head coach, it means working with someone other than Peyton Manning.

"I'm not necessarily putting my stamp on it, obviously I'm trying to do my job and doing it well, that's the key," Caldwell said Tuesday after the first day of a three-day minicamp in Owings Mills. "Part of that is learning the system and certainly being able to apply the system and teach the system. Those are the things that I'm learning as we go." 

But Caldwell, who was hired by the Ravens in January three days after he was fired by the Colts following a Manningless 2-14 season, said there is not that much of a difference coaching Joe Flacco than there was coaching one of the most prolific quarterbacks in NFL history.

"We really concentrate on basic fundamentals and then application of a particular offense, how it's run, every place is a little bit different in that regard," Caldwell said. "Joe has his own strengths, the things he does extremely well.     Obviously he's proved he is able to play at a high level. I think you'll continue to see him just blossom in that area."  

Caldwell is already familiar with Flacco, having watched nearly every game tape from the quarterback's first four years.

"When you couple that with the fact of preparation (when he was in Indianapolis) over the four years, there's not any that I have not seen," Caldwell said. 

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