Bryant McKinnie: 'I'm not fat or sloppy'

The Baltimore Sun

Ravens offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie has grown a bit tired of the constant scrutiny of how much he weighs.

McKinnie reported to training camp at least 10 pounds over, if not significantly higher, than his prescribed target weight of 346 pounds, according to sources.

With McKinnie saying he's getting closer to reaching that goal and now able to complete an entire practice session without being rested by the coaching staff, the former Pro Bowler expressed mild frustration with the focus on his weight.

"I don't know why this weight thing is following me back every year," McKinnie said. "I reported overweight one year, and now it's a constant thing. The thing about is when people see me they feel I lost or gained weight. It's not an issue. I'm not like a big, huge guy.

"I'm not fat or sloppy. People will see me and they're like, 'Oh, you lost a lot of weight.' Actually, I didn't. It's just every time I'm overweight, whether it's five or 10 pounds, people assume I ballooned up like crazy."

McKinnie wasn't allowed to practice during the first day of camp this year by coach John Harbaugh because of his weight. Since that time, Harbaugh has noted the progress made by McKinnie.

Two seasons ago, after the NFL lockout, McKinnie reported to the Minnesota Vikings at roughly 386 pounds and was promptly released before signing with the Ravens.

Signed to a two-year, $7 million contract, McKinnie has an annual $100,000 weight clause in his contract as well as a $200,000 reporting bonus.

McKinnie said he hasn't weighed 346 pounds since 2002, but says, "I'm getting close. It's just something we agreed on, so it's something to try to get to. It's not going to affect my play."

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