Brandon Stokley, Dallas Clark getting up to speed with Joe Flacco

The Baltimore Sun

Ravens veterans Dallas Clark and Brandon Stokley are accomplished pass-catchers.

Clark has caught 474 career passes for 5,322 yards and 50 touchdowns, including 47 receptions last season for 435 yards and four touchdowns with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And Stokley has 384 career receptions for 5,224 yards and 39 touchdowns, including 45 catches for 544 yards and five touchdowns last season for the Denver Broncos.

None of which means anything in terms of building immediate timing and chemistry with Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco.

During practice Saturday, both displayed signs of progress in that process as Stokley nearly had an acrobatic touchdown catch on a Flacco throw that was ruled incomplete because he was out of bounds. And Clark and Flacco appeared to be getting into sync Saturday.

Both figure to have important roles as third-down targets this season, and are getting more to the point where they're reacting instead of having to think as much about what they're supposed to be doing.

"I would say it's both and I've seen more playing without thinking, and then also they're thinking about what they're doing because they don't have it all yet," Ravens coach John Harbaugh said. "It's going to be a work in progress. It's not going to be an overnight type deal, but they had good practices. What you saw was two guys come out here and practice fast. When they didn't know, they asked. They seemed to know most of it, and they looked good."

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