Torrey Smith

Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith cut off his dreadlocks April 28, 2013. (Baltimore Sun photo / Torrey Smith's Instagram / April 28, 2013)

Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith has joked about cutting off his dreadlocks before but never  followed through with it. Even getting pulled down to the ground by his hair two seasons ago by Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam Jones wasn't enough to convince Smith that he needed to get rid of them.

However, Smith apparently has had a change of heart.

He joked on his Twitter account earlier today that he was thinking about cutting his "locs." When asked why, he wrote that he was "getting tired of them." A couple of hours later, he posted a picture on Twitter to show that he was serious. 

"Just a lil change...same face and big cheesy smile," Smith wrote before providing evidence of his new look