Jeff Zrebiec

Grade: B I'm not a huge fan of grading drafts in April. After all, who would have predicted Justin Tucker, who didn't even sign with the Ravens until several weeks after last year's draft, arguably becoming the team's most impactful rookie last season? However, the front office deserves credit for filling several holes, being patient late in rounds and adding several players that fit their profile. Best pick: Some draft pundits felt that Kansas State's Arthur Brown (pictured) would have been a worthy first-round selection for the middle-linebacker needy Ravens. To swoop in during the second round while there was a run of middle linebackers and acquire him without sacrificing too many key later picks was an impressive move. Missed opportunity: Unless the Ravens had a top five pick, they weren't going to be able to solve their left-tackle dilemma, so I don't fault them for that. But a case certainly could have been made for them to possibly trade up in the third round and grab a receiver.
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