After Steve Smith is done playing, his future is on TV

After Steve Smith is done playing, his future is on TV.

We all know that Steve Smith will be back with the Ravens in 2016. He has said he’s coming back and the Ravens are thrilled he’ll be back.

But when he retires from playing in the NFL, Smith will easily transition to TV. There will be plenty of suitors because he’s killing it on the Mike & Mike Show this morning. The radio show is also seen on ESPN2 and Smith is on with Mike Greenberg, Mike Golic and Hall of Fame wide receiver Cris Carter.

Greenberg just read some of owner Steve Bisciotti’s comments from the “State of the Ravens” news conference Thursday, where Bisciotti talks about having stability and not making changes just because of the team’s record.

“If you go through the league, the winning teams are the ones that have the least turnover in their front office and their coaching staffs,” Bisciotti said at the news conference.

Greenburg, Golic and Carter all agreed with Bisciotti’s statement and lauded the owner for taking that stance. Carter went further and praised Harbaugh and his coaching staff after dealing with them at the Pro Bowl last season.

“John says, ‘Always be yourself,’" Smith said in response to a question about playing for Harbaugh. “The system there allows you to flourish. … I love being there.”

While he was rehabbing his torn Achilles in late December, Smith appeared on the CBS “NFL Today” pregame show and was great there, too.

So if and when Smith actually decides to step away from the game, he’s going to have calls from every network that has an NFL show.

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