2. Snow makes football fun

This might be a tad harder to accept if the Ravens hadn't scored last in that mind-melting exchange of touchdowns at the end. There's no way such insanity would have happened under normal weather conditions. Poor footing helped facilitate Jacoby Jones' kickoff return and both of the Vikings' long touchdowns. If Cordarrelle Patterson had put the game away with his 79-yard jaunt past slip-sliding Ravens defenders, Baltimoreans would have spent the week cursing fate. Instead, they can shrug and say: Good lord that was awesome! Sunday's game could hardly have started in more bizarre fashion, with the yard markers practically invisible in a driving snow and the Fox broadcast, for some, unfolding in Spanish. Adrian Peterson seemed unable to run in the snow, while Joe Flacco whipped off a stylish 22-yard dash to set up the Ravens' first touchdown. I suppose that's the difference between growing up in Palestine, Texas, and Audubon, N.J. And that was only after Ravens safety Matt Elam -- who had apparently never seen snow until last week -- celebrated his fumble recovery with a slide worthy of Frosty the Snowman. All of Twitter seemed hopped up on happy pills as fans traded snow photos from games in Baltimore, Washington and Philadelphia. The snow and ice led to more ineptitude than excellence. But that finish ... wow. I don't know about you, but I watch sports all year in hopes of seeing a few moments like that. For all the thousands of games I'd sat through before Sunday, not one had ever played quite that way. It was like a middle-school recess game carried out by freakishly gifted millionaires. And the weather, rarely allowed to be such a factor in baseball or basketball, made it possible.
Patrick Smith, Getty Images
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